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domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

LVD: coming soon!

       Hair Snooze-a-Roo
bodysuits: Outback
Suits: Down Under
Pantone Pumps
   bag: Irwin Pantone Satchel
                                                                     shirts: Aussie Road kill
                                                                     leggins: aussielicious leggings printed
                                                                     Hairs: Croc queen, armadillo and armadillo remix
                                                                     Hairs: sleep Dingoand Doubledillo
                                                                     Dress: Emma Dress
This is part of the new collection of LVD, in my opinion all collections are amazing but this is the best one, Vicky is taking our breath away this time!
All of the pieces in this collection are inspired by the dot art and textiles of the Australian natives known as Aborigines. Their art as well as the outback and animals of the continent have all played a roll in this collection. There is something for all occasions!
Everything is so wonderful and I have more to show you... keep your eyes open!

this collection will be at sydney fashion week from August 17th-22nd.
And will be at Loovus Dzevavor mainstore at September 7th, worth to wait!

you can go to the Loovus Dzevavor and check the other collections  !

*skin Carmen by ITGIRLS
Jewelry by SuPerBia

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